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- 1,990lbs at 4.9ft Maximum Lifting Capacity
- Tip Height: 22ft
- 1.9’ W x 4.2’H x 6.1’ L Stowed Dimensions
- 2,400lbs Weight (unloaded)

The smallest of the SPYDERCRANE family, the URW094 sure is mighty. Generally used in places that other cranes can’t get to, it has become a staple with industries requiring a tool that can fit in an elevator, through a standard single door, or that require a non-standard footprint placement.

The real advantage of the URW094 over its sister models, is its super compacted size. While in travel mode, the URW094 measures in at only 23 inches wide, 72 inches long, and 50 inches tall. Along with its compact design, comes a small footprint. Due to the URW094s unique ability to utilize 62 available outrigger positions, it can be configured around obstacles, set-up on uneven ground, or operated in confined areas such as a hallway or against a wall.

While the URW094 boasts the ability to lift from 34.5 feet below ground level to 22 feet above, it’s the ideal candidate to hoist in those hard to reach spots inside shopping malls, museums, monuments, churches, or schools. It’s safe for indoor uses as it is Battery Powered for Zero Emissions, and produces only 70 decibels of noise at 24 feet, so you won’t disturb those around you allowing normal activities to continue. Another favorite application for the URW094 is to help maintain large machinery in manufacturing plants, power plants, or industrial type operations, where other cranes just can’t fit.


About URW094
  • Compact Design – Only 23” wide when compacted and can fit in a standard elevator
  • 360 Degree continuous rotation
  • 4-Section hydraulically telescoping boom, with hexagonal box construction
  • Automatic Hook Stow System
  • Wireless Radio Remote Control
  • 62 possible outrigger configurations
  • Over-winding prevention device and alarm
  • Minimum wire rope automatic stop
  • Working area limitation
  • Onboard self-diagnostic computer system
  • Centrally located infinitely variable controls
  • Hydraulic circuit pressure relief valve
  • Battery Powered with onboard 110V charging system
  • Zero emissions
Safety Features
  • Over-winding prevention device and alarm
  • Minimum wire rope automatic stop
  • Patented Overturn Protection System
  • Hydraulic circuit pressure relief valve
  • Double pilot-operated check valves for outrigger cylinders
  • Boom angle indicator with load indicator
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Interlock devices for crane, crawling levers and outriggers
  • Hook safety latch
  • Bubble-style level for outrigger leveling
Outrigger Positioning

?The unique design of the SPYDERCRANE permits each outrigger leg to be adjusted independently, so that the crane can be leveled on uneven surfaces. All models offer multiple-leg extension positions and multiple-leg angle positions, making it easy to set up around obstacles.


  • 62 possible Outrigger positions
Optional Equipment
Arctic Kit / 12V & 110V Combo
Auxiliary Winch Kit
Boom Tip Mounted Work Platform
Boom Tip Searcher Hook
Crane Lube Kit (Lube-a-Boom)
Fire Extinguisher
Non-Marking Tracks
Spare Parts Kit (2-Year Supply)
Single Line Swivel Ball
Single-part and Two-Part Reeving Capability
SPYDERWEB Glass Handler
Two Part Tail Block w/Link
Track Mats 3’ x 6’ (Set of 3)
Trailer & Accessory Kit
Outrigger Pads
Spare Key (Pair)
Steel Pallet w/Fork Pockets
Strobe Light
Vacuum Lifters Pic File
Weatherproof Cover

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