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- 5,800lbs at 8ft Maximum Lifting Capacity

- 52 Ft Tip Height

- 4.24’ W x 5.91’H x 14.24’ L Stowed Dimensions

- 8,488 Lbs Unladen Weight

The SPYDERCRANE URW306 is the next step in the evolution of the Mini-Crawler crane, increasing in boom length and lifting capacity while maintaining the technological advances and safety features that SPYDERCRANE is known for.

Although the URW306 is a larger model, it is still only 52 inches wide when in travel mode, which allows for travel through a standard double doorway. The hexagonal boom design provides increased rigidity and greatly reduces sway; which increases accuracy and overall safety during crane operations. The URW306 has a maximum lifting capacity of 5,800lbs at 8.2ft, which makes it an ideal choice for areas that require certification on cranes with a lifting capacity of 3 tons or more.

This crane is a great option for operators needing to lift materials to a higher floor, set a stairway in a confined space, or that need a longer boom than the URW295. In comparison, the URW306 offers a 52ft tip height vs the 37ft tip height of the URW295.


About URW306
  • Compact Design – Only 52" wide when compacted
  • 360 Degree Continuous Rotation
  • 6-Section Hydraulically Telescoping Boom, with 6-sided Hexagonal Box Construction
  • Anti Two-Block System
  • Automatic Hook Stow System
  • Patented Turnover Protection System
  • Over-winding Prevention Device and Alarm
  • Minimum Wire Rope Automatic Stop
  • Centrally Located Infinitely Variable Controls
  • Variable Displacement Piston Pump for Multi-function Operations
  • Hydraulic Circuit Pressure Relief Valve
Safety Features
  • Anti Two-Block System
  • Automatic Hook Stow System
  • Outrigger Positioning and Boom Positioning Safety System with Display Monitor
  • Patented Overturn Protection System
  • Over-winding prevention device and alarm
  • Minimum wire rope automatic stop
  • Hydraulic circuit pressure relief valve
  • Load Indicator Gauge
Outrigger Positioning

The unique design of the SPYDERCRANE permits each outrigger leg to be adjusted independently, so that the crane can be leveled on uneven surfaces. All models offer multiple-leg extension positions and multiple-leg angle positions, making it easy to set up around obstacles.

Engine/Power Options
  • Diesel
  • Diesel/Electric

(Electric models are UL and CSA Certified with the choice of 208/230V 1-Phase, 208/230V 3-Phase or 110V Battery power pack)

Optional Equipment
Arctic Kit / 12V & 110V Combo
Boom Tip Mounted Work Platform
Boom Tip Searcher Hook
Crane Lube Kit (Lube-a-Boom)
Exhaust Scrubber/ Catalytic Converter
Fire Extinguisher
Non-Marking Tracks
Spare Parts Kit (2-Year Supply)
Single Line Swivel Ball
SPYDERWEB Glass Manipulator
Two Part Tail Block w/Link
Track Mats 3' x 6' (Set of 3)
Trailer & Accessory Kit
Outrigger Pads
Spare Key (Pair)
Steel Pallet w/Fork Pockets
Strobe Light
Vacuum Lifters

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