UR-V290 Series

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MODEL                                    UR-V294           UR-V295           UR-V296          

Max. Lifting Capacity   7000 lbs at 5.5 ft                7000 lbs at 5.5 ft                6680 lbs at 4.9 ft               
Tip Height   36 ft 43 ft 44.6 ft
Max. Working Radius   29 ft 29 ft 41.4 ft
Max. Boom Length   29 ft 36 ft 41.9 ft
Min. Boom Length   10.4 ft 10.3 ft 10.6 ft
Boom Sections        4 5 6
Boom Raising Angle   Min. 1° to Max. 76°
Slewing Angle 360° Continuous

UR-V295 Spec Sheet

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